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To Fearless Designs lava stone collection, this exclusive product combines superior technology with a choice of breath-taking designs and colours. All our lava stone products have layers of enamel which allows for customized colours and finishes.

There is an option to stencil your own personal design for a bespoke piece. The joinery is hand-crafted from solid wood and also has the option to customize. Lava and stone adds dignity and life to make an extraordinary feature in any space.

Preserve Nature’s Richness

Our unique lava stone range is handcrafted for its exceptional quality and uniformity to create an inspiring feature. The lava is extracted from quarries and each piece is hand-picked to create an elegant, chic style to enhance any space.

Enameled Lava Characteristics

Occasional Lava Imperfections

“Good design has to tell a story. It stops people, and makes them wonder. Good design is a conversation”

- Zahid Sardar